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Project Types
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International Commercial Funding Programs:


Charter HCP has the resources to thoroughly structure and arrange funding for your deal. Through our available Project Financing Sources we are proud to offer viable businesses and entrepreneurs a diverse array of funding options for projects worldwide. These options include: 

  • Debt Financing

  • Joint Venture Partnerships

  • Equity and Debt hybrid Financing

  • Business Expansion Financing

  • Hard money

  • Construction loans

  • Transactional Funding

  • Infrastructure Development Funding

Our key areas of focus:


  • Large real estate development projects

  • Alternative Energy financing

  • Oil, Gas, Renewable Energy

  • Joint Ventures involving real estate

  • Asset-based loans, including In-Ground Assets -Mining

  • Corporate expansion and acquisition Financing

  • Construction/Developments

  • Motion Picture Financing

  • Sports Funding

  • Agriculture and food/beverage industry

  • Transport and Logistic assets

  • IT and Telecommunications 

  • Trade Finance

  • Political and Economical risk insurance products for Ukraine


International Infrastructure Financing:

Charter HCP is seeking viable international and domestic infrastructure projects that need funding.  Developers must demonstrate previous experience in successfully completing projects of similar size and scope.  Infrastructure projects generally need to be able to show that there is no opposition to the development by local government authorities.


International infrastructure projects include but are not limited to the following:


  • Large commercial real estate developments

  • Power plants and renewable energy plant construction

  • Bridges, dams and water systems

  • Public transit systems and toll roads

  • Convention centre, stadiums and sports complexes

  • Airports and seaports


International infrastructure financing projects must be able to demonstrate financial viability and must be sufficiently outlined for prospective funding sources to make expeditious assessments.  The project must be "shovel ready" at the time of the application. 

Examples of previous projects:



Our Principles have been involved with many buyout projects and development projects of championship, division one and division two UK football league clubs. Our team have forged bespoke financing arrangements which combine institutional and Private capital to create a successful package.


Construction and Development:

Development, exit stage, affordable apartments, planning permission, improvements during the project. We have raised and managed funds for projects of all sizes from investments of $5m to investments of over $300m.

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Our principals raised $600 million to build a new airport with a mix of Equity and Debt in a country that most will find challenging but has become part of our core business.

Gas Fired Power Station:

$175m was raised to develop a gas fired power station in Ghana, again advising on Equity and debt.

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