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Company Profile

Charter HCP is an international commercial finance and consulting firm specialising in hassle-free funding solutions for various types of businesses. Our clientele ranges from commercial real estate developers and investment companies to venture capital start-ups and large project financiers.

At Charter HCP, we offer innovative financing solutions to address a wide range of business needs. Whether it's funding a start-up, increasing working capital, procuring assets and equipment, acquiring a company or new business, financing real estate development, or supporting large project funding, we leverage diverse financing platforms and sources to tackle the financial challenges your company faces today.

Our comprehensive financing platforms enable us to cater to numerous business types, work with unconventional collateral, and surmount funding hurdles that often impede other service providers. We take pride in discovering inventive and resourceful funding solutions for every situation.


At Charter HCP, we take a highly selective approach when choosing the clients we collaborate with. Our focus is on delivering exceptional service and optimal results to a select few, rather than attempting to cater to everyone. We invest time in understanding your business, your project, and you as an individual to ensure a mutually beneficial partnership.

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We seek specific criteria in our clients, prioritizing good chemistry, aligned goals, and the potential for significant contributions to your current financing strategies. Additionally, we ensure that your project aligns with our core competencies and those of our lending partners.

Our intent is not to exclude, but rather to guarantee that our clients receive the highest level of service and the best possible solutions for their business or project funding needs.

As part of our select client base, you will experience Charter HCP as the catalyst that engineers tailored financial solutions to fund your business or project. Our mission is to serve your funding needs by achieving timely and effective results. Our team combines creative thinking, expertise, and strategic relationships with proven sources to secure the right financing for your specific project or business requirement.

Group Companies 
chcp equity

Construction, Asset management,

Equity and Joint Venture partner company.

charter lending

CHCP Lending

Direct Bridging and development

funding group company.

chcp agency

Agency to connect Sporting Talent

CHCP trade

 Invests in processing and 

transportation of responsibly

sourced vital resources,

materials and food, required to

support the global economy.

Partnered Companies 

Retail, Fleet, Specialty and Corporate Motor Finance.

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