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About Us 

Company Profile

Charter HCP is an international commercial finance brokerage and consulting firm.  We provide hassle-free funding solutions to almost any type of business, from commercial real estate developers and investment companies to venture capital start-ups and large project funding.

​Charter HCP provides innovative financing solutions for a wide range of business needs. From funding a start-up, increasing working capital, obtaining assets and equipment, to acquiring a company or new business, funding real estate development or large project funding, we use a range of financing platforms and sources to solve many of the financing issues your company is facing today. Because of the breadth of our financing platforms, we have the ability to address many business types, work with non-standard collateral, and overcome funding obstacles that challenge many other service providers. We pride ourselves in finding innovative and creative funding solutions for every situation.


We are very selective about the people we choose to work with.  We do not try to be all things to all people.  Instead, we strive to be all things to a few people.  We take time to get to know you, your business and your project to ensure we are well suited to work together.  This helps us deliver the best possible service to our clients with optimal results. 

​We look for very specific criteria in our clients: it is essential for us to make                   sure we have a good chemistry, that our goals are aligned, that we are  able to make a major contribution to your current financing strategies  and that your project fits within our core competencies and those of our lenders.

        It is not our intent to exclude others, but rather to make sure our clients         receive the highest level of service possible and the best solution to their business or project funding needs.


If you become part of our select client base, we will be the catalyst that engineers a financial solution to get your business or project funded.  Our mission is serving your funding needs by achieving timely funding results for you.  Our team brings creative thinking, expertise and strategic relationships with proven sources to secure the right financing for your specific project or business need.

Group Companies 

Construction, Asset management,

Equity and Joint Venture partner company.


CHCP Lending

Direct Bridging and development

funding group company.


Agency to connect Sporting Talent


 invests processing and 

transportation of responsibly

sourced vital resources,

materials and food, required to

support the global economy.

Partnered Companies 
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Retail, Fleet, Specialty and Corporate Motor Finance.

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