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At Charter HCP Bridging loans last for an agreed term – typically 6/12/18 months.

We provide the loan you need, and you need to pay it back (as a lump sum) before or when the term ends.

You'll be charged interest each month.

Depending on what type of Bridging loan you have, you may need to pay this each month, or it may be rolled up and added to the lump sum. So if you repay the lump sum before the term ends, you may be charged less interest in total.

Any fees associated with the loan can be added to the lump sum as well.

Loan Sizes        - £100,000 - £2,000,000

Term                  - 24 months maximum

Property types  - All considered 

Development and Refurbishment:

This loan is designed for experienced property developers looking to finance residential-led schemes.

We look to develop closely held relationships to give property developers certainty of finance which they can rely upon to successfully grow their business.

Loan Sizes        - £100,000 - £2,000,000

Term                  - 24 months maximum

Property types  - All considered 

Experience       - 2 years experience required and proof of successful projects




Image by Tierra Mallorca
Image by Brett Jordan

Outside criteria  Financing:

Charter HCP understand not all project fit criteria so we are happy to look at profitable projects outside criteria 

“Charter HCP are experts in their field; the company's collective experience and understanding of the business landscape is invaluable for any organisation.”
MJ Richardson, Director Tudor Consulting  
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