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We work with a large network of Commercial Finance Brokers, Financial Advisors, Accountants and much more. Our aim is simple: to provide a service tailor made to you and your clients.

We will provide you with all the information and support required to confidently recommend us to your clients that will benefit from our capital solution.

​End-to-end support makes sure your client receives a smooth and hassle-free experience whilst providing another valuable service to your business.


Offer your clients something that is genuinely different and works.

Key Introducers 

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Bopan advisors BV

Background international marketing and business administration educated from EU & US universities. Banking arrangements done on global platform level and particularly worked for Philip Moris Europe and for PM Japan KK and BAYER KG HQ.  Complete portfolio production - logistics – finance organized in S.E. Asia.

In the seventies active at S.E. Asian projects such as Motorways in Beijing and Shanghai.  Activities particularly in the funding field and to find synergy with European experienced Tollroad entrepreneurs. Focus on the French Tollroad entrepreneurs. 

From the eighties active in the Oil and gas sector with sourcing at the LNG suppliers and arrange contracts between Indian gas operators and Middle East suppliers.

​Experienced in the development and set up and arrangement of funding for worldwide projects in the Oil & gas, Agricultural and Power plants sectors.


Innovation Support Services


ISS is devoted to helping accelerate ideas and inventions to market through the process of licensing and offer a complete service in all relevant areas to develop opportunities, principally by way of licensing or sale of intellectual property to all those many corporations who might benefit from new technologies. Based in the North West ISS operates internationally.

Its CEO Nigel Worth is an experienced licensing practitioner and has controlled many international licensing programmes across many commercial sectors. He is currently Chair of The Institute of Intellectual Property Licensing representing the interests of the profession here in the UK and overseas ( and a Director for Parliamentary Relations at the Intellectual Property Awareness Network ( based in Holborn, London which is a cross-sector organisation comprised of representatives from all major professions that have an interest in developing and promoting IP in all its forms and sustains close links to Government and its IP Minister.

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Blockbank aims to give everyday people the chance to see their entrepreneurial ideas take shape. They achieve this by providing borrowers next generation financial products all secured with Blockchain technology. Doing so provides businesses in the developing world with more flexible borrowing criteria. In addition, diversifying acceptable collateral will enable Blockbank to originate more loans, thus stimulating the value of the token as more loans are accessed. 

Simon Clothier: Funding Preparation Services

Preparation is everything. No athlete goes straight to the big race without extensive training and conditioning. Neither should businesses go direct to investors without first preparing detailed strategy, route to market, finance and people plans.​

Simon Clothier, founder and CEO of Blencathra Finance, helps Charterhouse clients to make their funding propositions investor-ready. A structured 5-stage process focuses on the core assets and drives out a compelling answer to the key question “why should I invest?” Only when the business is investor ready is it re-connected to the experienced Charterhouse team and its global network of sources of finance. Done this way round significantly changes the likelihood of funding success.​

Simon has raised business finance, been an investor in his own right and supported others to raise money. Unlike many advisors, he is also a hands-on entrepreneur and has grown three profitable, multi-million revenue businesses from scratch, one ranked 11th in the Sunday Times Virgin FastTrack. He knows how tough it can be to raise finance and understands that business owners need all the practical help they can get.


Terry Bates  (T.A. & J. Bates, Business Consultants)

Terry joined the Executive Class of the Civil Service with A levels at 18 and decided after 5 years it wasn’t for him.

He has been in Financial Services in various roles since 1972, including Sales and Marketing Director and Divisional Director roles for Insurance Companies, moving to West Sussex in 1982. His current business was first formed as a Consultancy in 1995, the “J” being his wife Joan who has provided administrative support. They have been contracted by several Financial Service Organisations including several Mortgage Networks, Compliance Companies, Insurance Organisations etc. but have concentrated on providing
Project and Development Finance Monies for suitable cases in the last 5 years or so, using Channel Equity Finance and lately Charterhouse with who they have had an excellent relationship. Terry uses his connections from over the years to facilitate business.

MPG Group 

MPG Group are masters Project and Development Finance. Specialised intermediaries providing the Owners or Presidents of businesses with the support and resources necessary to guide them through the current issues they are facing. They work with ownership /management to clarify their vision for the future of the business and then develop and execute plans to achieve those goals. MPG Group provide clear, meaningful and objective management information and practical advice, plus the added value of working with the organization through implementation of the projects necessary to get the business on track.​



Business Development

  • Business & Strategic Planning

  • Financial Services

  • Franchise Services

  • Small Business Mentoring

  • Succession Planning

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