Charter HCP is a boutique financial services company focused on helping businesses located worldwide to solve their complex funding needs. We provide commercial loan brokerage, direct funding, due diligence research as well as consulting services.


We specialise in transactions requiring creative structuring. Those include transactions in the form of commercial business financing, senior debt financing, mezzanine financing, participating debt, equity capital, joint ventures, asset-based loan, unique capitalisation, or non bank private lenders.


We are the catalyst for timely solutions to your funding needs. Our team of highly experienced professionals brings creative thinking, expertise and strategic relationships with proven sources together, to help secure the best financing tailored to your project or business need.


We possess strategic relationships with a set of stakeholders including: domestic and international banks, investment banks, lenders, hedge funds, pension funds, network syndicates, private accredited investors and private lenders. Our consulting approach to your project enables us to deliver significant added value in how to develop your business or project.

Industry 01
Debt Financing
Industry 02
Joint Venture Partnerships
Industry 03
Equity/DebtHybrid Financing
Industry 04
Business Expansion Financing
Industry 05
Hard Money
Industry 06
Construction Loans
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Large Project Completions


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To find out more about our service please contact us to set up an initial meeting. We have offices in London, the Ukraine and associate offices worldwide, but we are always happy to come and meet you.

Office Address: 

Charter HCP

11th Floor, CityPoint,

1 Ropemaker Street

London EC2Y 9HT,

United Kingdom

Telephone:        02036033260

Email:                 info@charterhcp.com

Charter HCP LTD Registered in England and Wales (10356432) which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority FRN: 790592

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